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R&D&I groups

    • Most DIHMA professors are integrated for R+D+i purposes in the Research Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (IIAMA), while some others are in the Research Institute for Integrated Management of Coastal Areas (IGIC) as well as in the Multidisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMM). Figures and data shown in the table refer to the remaining DIHMA professors which, for R+D+i purposes, are grouped in:

      • Research group in Water Engineering and Technology (ITA): research activity focused in engineering and urban water management topics (Hydraulic Elements, Fluid transients, Water Distribution Networks, Water Demand Management, …).

      • Research group in Forest Science and Technology (RE-FOREST): research activity focused in forest and environmental topics (physical-chemical-biological processes in soil, atmosphere, water and plants, forestry management and planning,…).

      • Non-grouped personnel: research activity focused in topics related to the urban water cycle (CFDs, Fluid Transients, Water Distribution Networks,.. ) and aquatic systems ecology (habitats, biotic relations, effects of pollutants, environmental quality control...).

      FIGURES 2012
      Researchers 29
      Public Funds 488.137 €
      Private Funds 367.137 €
      % VAIP 1,02

      R&D&I groups

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