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  • Since its inception in 1970, the Polytechnic University of Valencia has had a remarkable interest for water resources and water environment problems. This is not an accident, but a vocation, as the area of influence of this University encompasses not only the Valencia, but our neighboring areas in which the interest in hydraulic and environmental issues is great.

    No doubt that our University is in the center of one of the largest water deficit areas of Spain. Water issues are key to the Valencian society from all points of view: social, economic and environmental. Therefore, we reflect the obvious need to train researchers and teachers in order to help resolve the highest level of quality . It is crucial to apply the most advanced scientifically and technologically methodologies to solve the most serious environmental problems associated with water in these regions.

    The Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Department is currently has 70 teachers of which 55 are doctors, currently being the most numerous group of Spanish universities dedicated to technology and water sciences. The national and international projection of our researchers, is clearly visible as the current international composition of the student body depicts.

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